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Cape Town’s CCTV Cameras Are Turned Off

Transport MEC Robin Carlisle has told that CCTV cameras fixed on N2 bus and minibus taxi lane in Cape Town are turned off due to their proper working.

The cameras were of high technology and automatic and were fixed in August 2007 to check the drivers who break the rule.

The cameras cost is R15 million which are turned off from one year.

Mayoral committee member for safety and security told that these operations are done by the Ghost Squad.

Cape Town's CCTV Cameras He told that he had called for meetings with officers of provincial transport department to alert them that these cameras are switched off and told many solutions but did not acted upon one of them.

Smith said that the motorists are using the lane of cars and they are facing problem. As it is a national road and should be used by the citizens only but it is not happening so. They are trying best in solving it as soon as possible.

The main solution they got was to on the cameras again by repairing them.

This is a technical problem and transport department should repair it.

Carlisle told that the whole system of camera working is too difficult to understand and that’s why it stops working.

The motorists know where the cameras are fixed so they play tricks while driving.

He said the department is making estimation that how it can be again linked with the main network.

And this will be done in the next year. He also claimed their department did not know about the suggestion given by smith. He said that the condition was unwanted but not terrible. The lanes of the bus and taxi are not blocked. They are moving on their path without facing any difficulty.  He ordered that he do not want any private car in that lane.

 He decided that from now the proper checking will be done weekly in order to avoid accidents in the lane.

The new cameras will be placed when the department will buy the new one.

Managing director of Protoclea Advanced Image Engineering Dr Bennie Coetzer, supplied the cameras, the automatic number plate recognition system and connected intelligent video observation technology, and said it was adverse that the cameras had been switched off.

The cameras and software were planned to produce clear images at speed so that even the number plate details were recorded. He said that it is very bad condition but we have no concern after their installment. They were the sub directors of the cameras.

The cameras were turned off in September 2010.